Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life is Good...

Been very busy living life over here...All is going well with Marco..He fits in as if he always was here...doing well in school and we are very proud of him and all the kids.

We are looking forward to summer and this weekend kicking off the summer for weekend trips tot he beach. We will be taking a vacation in July to Orlando to do our usual Disney trip & maybe even Universal. Otherwise the pool is all we need and the beautiful tropical resort to relax and enjoy the many amenities. We will return there again at Christmas at our timeshare and see our family who lives there.

Getting our home in order for summer...opening the pool next week and doing some landscaping around the house done too. I have been without my own washer for a few weeks and looking forward to replacing that..but in the meantime throwing mega clothes away..Becoming minimalists as much as possible with a large family..The only thing left to heave is more clothes..Otherwise we live pretty simple.. I need a sign no hoarding allowed LOL.

All the kids are doing well and transition seems to be at a minimum. Everyone seems to have found their place and getting along fine. Can't ask for anything more..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kelsey the Miracle Baby

Beautiful Inspiring story we can relate to..
Praise God

Monday, May 2, 2011

Been a while....

Well the statement holds true ......No news is good news!" Marco is doing very well and we are all happy he is fitting in. Everyday brings something new but all is going good. We have been busy spending time together and enjoying the kids. The great weather has allowed us finally to do things and get out of the house. Had a nice time at the beach yesterday and Saturday the kids loved the Animal/Snake farm local.

Today the Sears man is coming to fix our 2 broken washers...and a dryer..OY! That has been tough and expensive going to the laundromat! I am grateful for the simple things in life.