Monday, January 31, 2011


Just got back from New York....Dropped off my 2 kids and will return to pick them up + the niece who is baby sitting for our kids.. On the way back...there was some traffic..not too much..Thank God it was the tail end of a situation that the traffic started to move...A small plane that had mechanical problems had to land on route 80! Near Teterboro NJ. Apparently this plane couldn't make it to the airport in Teterboro!
We saw it being towed on a flat bed tow truck with many state troopers there blocking the road off on both ends of this home made runway.....That was pretty neat..Thankfully no one got hurt & all was fine...We did see about 4 other cars in wrecks though..Very scary out there today! Tomorrow is ice & snow starting about midnight...

Leaving Friday....

Well needless to say we are rushing to get a lot done before we leave on Friday,,
I just spoke to our translator and booked the apartment and gave her the flight numbers so she can meet us at the airport Sat Feb 5 th due to the time change it is a day ahead.. We fly through Munich going and Frankfurt coming home. I will stay until the end of February and Ruben will be home Feb 9 th.

We were told we could get Marco right after court! So this is an exciting change..we still have the 10 day wait I guess...just that he can be with us during this time...SO we can go around Kiev and see the cathedrals and what ever he may want to do. Not sure the zoo is open in the winter but will check into that. It would be nice to have Benjamin along too since we'll have him so quickly. I guess a little late now to get the passport...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Less than 1 week!

Getting as much done in the house as possible...Have our suitcases packed..but I will be repacking again I am sure..Have to weight them to make sure they are not too heavy! 50 pounds each is allowed..then one carry on each and one purse or computer bag...
I have so much candy/cookies/ stuffed animals etc to take for the orphanages...I wish I could take more..but I just may buy some while there..

I have a few things to pick up yet...but for the most part we are ready!

I really want to write a book on all of our experiences and what we have seen and want to bring more awareness to this problem of orphans in & around Eastern Europe.. I have spoken to a few people who are missionaries there and I am sure be would be more than willing to contribute what they have done to help the orphanages & institutions.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our court date is February 7 we will leave Feb 4 th or 5th...
My husband will come back 5 days later and I will stay on to wait out the 10 day requirement and then get Marco Yura Torres out of the orphanage! He will be so happy to hear the news today that we finally have the date...Life as he knows it will change forever..

I will stay in country about 20 days..Leaving to come home with our 11 th child around February 26 th! During the10 day wait I will be doing hair at the orphanage where we adopted our 3 little Ukrainian beauties...and whatever we can do to expedite necessary items needed for Marco to leave code/passport/visa..etc

We all have waited so long it seems..but in the scheme of things it isn't very long once it's all's like forget ! And to think you have a child for all the hair paperwork & waiting & raising the money...amazing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Masha with a Curly Doo!

She looks like she's wearing a wig!..She sat so good for me to curl her hair...

Still waiting..

It's almost comical at this point! I did have contact though with our no worries...The more we wait..the more money we'll it's ok. In the mean time I will post some family pics and watch my kids use every dish in the house to cook random things...Now Sofia is making stuffing..The second box today....Aside from all the other things I cooked dishwasher...human dishwashers LOL....I long for a commercial stainless steel sink...Or a huge double sink of some kind...Not necessarily a dish washer..we like to play in the soap suds..LOL

3 of our kiddies homeschooling..

Our Buddy Walk 2010 Hubby & I


Amelia..This summer Tybee Island..GA

Summer 2010 Also Picture from Reeces Rainbow January Calendar

Our 5 Amigas with Designer Genes''

Where 3 of us Poopers spend a lot of time!

Here's Lilli Luda!

She reminded me of my most favorite childhood story book Madeline! What a charachter Luda funny..knows exactly what she is doing at all times...and knows how to get her way with these sad eyes...she just uses us to break free of the high chair!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here's Masha!

I haven't posted pictures of the kids in a while..So day by day I will add some new updated ones...I will start with Masha! She is so pretty...messy in the eating department but pretty...

New Picture!

Our facilitator tried to get our court date today but was told come back tomorrow..In the mean time they visited with Marco & took some pictures!! Here he is from today...
Fresh off the camera!
He looks older but he is still on the small side..He just turned 13 January 14 th.
Looking forward to getting a court date..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marco Yura Torres

Preparing...sure had plenty of time!

Today is Saturday...and we will be doing the usual cleaning and getting the house ready for our Marco! His real name is Yura! I can post that now that I am private..His stage name on the website was we will call him Marco Yura Torres...
I will be re packing this weekend too because I bought a bigger suitcase at the thrift shop...ALSO LOTS OF 75% Christmas cookies/candy/etc for the kids at the orphanage...Christmas was Jan 7 th in it won't look too bad coming later on with Christmas it's edible.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got an email.....Here is my answer!

Yes, you are right, your dossier is OK.

We've been to the Court today. As I told you there is a reorganization in the Court now. They are installing the system there, in order the computer to set the judge for the cases. That's why not only our documents, but all the documents of all the cases at that Court house left since last year should be submitted again. In some Courts this system was already installed, but in this very Court they are doing it now and we are " lucky " to have our case this time. Anyway, we submitted the documents again. Today they could not tell us the date yet because they were still working on the installation today. It will take couple of days. They told us to come on Monday to check regarding the court date. But we will check every day, and will inform you as soon as we get it.

Dossier Expired??

Well I just checked our dates and I think we are getting close to expiration or already have expired! Can you believe it!! Well I can the way this is been lately! So waiting for an answer on that! Hoping I don't have to re- apsotille all the documents as well...but I think I do..
Crossing my fingers and praying.............

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

still nothing...

So got an email today from our Natasha tha the judge needed all new paper work whatever that means!! But they gave it to them today and we should have a date tomorrow!! Well we shall see! Looking forward to it! Hubby got his W2 also so we can start our income tax preparation!...Just praying the adoption forms are ready..I heard today there may be a wait until February ...hoping not!

Monday, January 10, 2011

No court date yet!

Our facilitator went to the court today but the judge was not there to set a date..So he will go back again tomorrow...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Marco is the one with the blue Tshirt with Flowers..

I forgot to say which one was Marco...Can't wait to get over there & get him!

We heard from our translator...SDA got the Interpol letter YAY! So Friday was Christmas in on Monday they will go to the court to set our date..They are shooting for Jan 24 th...This will give us a little more time to book the flights..SO this works for us...


I love snow days when I am forced to stay home & do house things! Today I will catch up on my house projects and actually all weekend should be snow! Woo Hoo...I am nesting now so this is great! I am going to be making a set of rustic bunk beds that we saw once at a church camp...They were simple off the floor 3 high..but we will only be making 2 high..The mattresses were a little more narrow than a twin which I have seen at IKEA. Home depot cuts the boards to your specification and all we have to do it nail & screw to the wall... This will help in the small bedroom which is for our 2 boys!! For a fraction of the cost of a set of bunks and then we can paint them whatever color they want.

Still haven't heard anything yet from our is now 3:25 in Europe so Natasha usually emails me late at night...Each day we go further into January ~ February we'll have another pay check for the trip so it's ok, just want that light at the end of the tunnel!.. I know we're close because we were told the Interpol letter was sent and on the way...So hoping for January 24 th for court and hope to see lots of RR rainbow families over there. It seems there are a few traveling...

I should be there about 3 weeks and hubby will just come for about 5~6 days in the beginning.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Should get out court date by tomorrow!

Our translator is shooting for Jan 17 th for our court..SO we have a flight quote from Eldon at Golden Rule Travel...just waiting to pay! So excited to go already! It's been so long it seems...

I am off to work for a few hair doos on my clients and to meet Larissa or her hubby to give her 2 giant bags of baby clothes for Piper! They are so heavy I could barely lift them up in to my van. The clothes are beautiful too! My nieghbor gave them to me for her and she has adorable baby girl twins and a gorgeous 2 year old plenty of pretty colorful clothes. & shoes etc

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emailed with Anya's Mommy today!

What a blessing to talk with all the Moms going to Eastern Europe for their children.. I will be getting some photos for her and a few hugs from Anya too! Anya is so precious and sweet. They will be a very happy family..There are no more children at this orphanage where we adopted our girls from. What answer to prayer..There are maybe 2 children left available and that is it! The rest of the children just live there and their parents visit as often as they can. Looking forward to going to the baby houses and doing hair..

We're coming Beautiful Boy!

Oh when I look at this picture it is from my first trip to see Marco...What a nice boy & so handsome...I was so pleased at his demeanor and personality. His smile just lights up a room. He will be a Valentine present to our whole family..but especially to me. Amazing how your love can grow for a kid that is older and not from my womb they say but from my heart. I was trying to put my feelings on hold because I didn't think it was happening there for a little while..I was feeling so discouraged last week that I emailed our translator that Marco should have his family by now and I hate to see him without one much longer.... and if a good family came & thought he'd fit don't make him hold on to a pipe dream... Thankfully God doesn't listen to me ...Because I would have been devastated as I was crying while I wrote the email to her and crying now. You know the poem.."If you love something set it free....well I was trying to act like I meant it but I really didn't. I wanted Marco to be in our family and so he will.
He will fit in with our kids so well...he is so easy going & my kids will welcome him with open arms. They have been waiting so long and are so excited to see me pull in the driveway with their new brother.

Blog requests up to 40!

I think we are allowed up to 100 and I have about 20 aside for family & keep your emails coming for you invites! So about 40 spots left...

Finally Interpol!!

Today I got the email from our translator that the SDA got word from in 2-3 days they will have the official paper needed in hand! I want to frame that one! So we will know our date for court by Thursday or Friday! My blog will go private by the end of this week...I have 30 emails so far to sent invitations to view our if anybody would like an invite email me at:

All those who emailed me & mentioned on the yahoo group so far I have in my file waiting to enter your emails...and thank for following the rest of our journey!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Turn off the Music below

Click the sideways equal sign to pause the music on the blog and watch this cute little video!

Baby Loves Gospel Music

How about a child for Valentines Day!

You can adopt one with a huge grant from or sponsor one for the New Year! Many families are willing to adopt but need help with the costs! You can help in this way! Every little bit counts!

Back to School!

That was a nice break from getting the kids ready for school for a while and Had a great time with all the kids at home this Christmas just being together watching movies and playing games.

Hoping for some news tomorrow from our translator....she thinks with the Holidays it may have added to holding things up ...I called her New Years Eve to wish her a Happy New Year and getsome info.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

SO HAPPY!! ANYA has a Family!!

This is great! Reeces Rainbow is cleaning out the Orphanage where our kids came from!! Our wish is coming true Lyndi!