Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventure Camp!

We have 4 of the pre-teens/teens going to adventure camp...Seems the boys are having a better time then the girls..but they need to finish and follow through and I think they'll be glad they did..It is so neat all that they do there..The 1 st day was biking & wall climbing..yesterday more wall climbing and canoing & not sure what they were doing, but they needed their rain ponchos..It just started about 2o minutes they're prepared..

Getting some stuff around the house done..inside & out..We made a fence to block the kids from being able to enter the pool area through the gate..Our pool guy accidentally left if open ..Uh OH! My 2 older girls with Downs found one of the younger ones near the low end..very we have finished our make shift 6 foot fence to block off that area..Also we are adding smaller wire fence to the chain link fence so they can't climb it...These little monkeys can do amazing things.. shocking & scary sometimes..

Need to go up in the attic today to find the goggles..Our pool will be ready maybe by the weekend...hope the weather will be good..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Having a good summer ...

Been so busy with the kids & Life..haven't had much time for blogging..just enjoying. Our pool is almost ready for swimming...we got a late start this year..but soon enough it'll be ready. Also off to Florida sometime this summer with all the kids & some of their friends..Should be a fun trip...Marco has blended right in like he was always here.. He is speaking English pretty well and is hoping to lose the accent..."Lose the accent" has become a joke around the house along with "It's just impossible" have to say that with a thick accent for it to be authentic though!..

A couple of Marco's friends will be coming to PA soon and we will meet up with them for a visit..Also a teacher..This is so exciting that they will be within an hour from us..who would have ever thought! We are so happy that he can see them. He has transitioned so well that this will make for an an more secure feeling for him knowing her can see some old friends from time to time..a couple more are being in CA..far but maybe he can email with him when he gets to America. This can help the other boy during his transition.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Please Help the Duekes bring home Katya!

Katya has some real medical issues that need to be addressed and needs to get to America for proper care...Please help this self-less family raise the last of what they need to break her out of the orphanage forever!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Every day this little boy comes up to me and talks & talks... I don't understand his language, but he is asking me questions, and saying something very adamantly. I know what he's saying... he wants me to take him home with Cole. The director said he wants a family desperately. He calls me Mama and my husband, Papa. It's tearing me up!

He wants what his friend, Kolya (my Cole) has. Someone to visit him, and bring him toys, and take him away from the groupa to play tag and hide and seek. A dad to wrestle with and throw a ball. He wants so badly to belong to someone!!!

Today Yulia said that our son was supposed to have been transferred, but the director kept him there b/c we were coming for him. He also kept Sasha and his friend Danyl, because a family had committed to them. But no one's coming now, and Yulia said there is "a man from the church" who will take these boys to live at a monastery! Sasha doesn't want to live in a monastery! He wants to play soccer and baseball, and ride a bike! I've mentioned him time and again on this blog and on facebook, but I'm flat-out PLEADING for this boy's future now! His and Danyl's.

It's not too late to start the process to bring them home! The director WANTS him to have a family! As far as I know he still thinks one is on the way... and I'm not about to tell him differently. Sasha still has a chance if someone will just step up and say, "I want him! He's my son!"