Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 3 little pips from Ukraine! Almost 2 years already!

This August will be 2 years since we brought home our 3 little angels with Down Syndrome! I feel so blessed to have been a part of a great big picture and making 3 little ones happy & secure..something they will never have felt if ended up in an institution...Please consider adoption or donating to a family working on bringing home some angels..Lord knows it's a lot of money and effort to do so. Some of the children have some big grants to help off set expenses..check out some at
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Wendy Saunders...

For those who are curious about some very recent strides in research may I suggest a blog of a very close and trusted friend of mine. Her daughter participated in Dr. Capone and Kennedy Krieger's research trial. The purpose of this trial was to determine if the drug (Rigvastigmine) used in Alzheimer patients will be safe and beneficial for individuals with DS.... especially since they have linked Alzheimers patients with a 21st chromosome. I think you will find that Beth breaks down some of the more technical hard to read information into something easier to read along with some fun antics of her daughter, some endearing qualities as well as some not so pretty truths... (okay so I am partial to Hannah she is a house guest from time to time) However for those who do like the more technical information Beth does link to the original research and information. I have posted the link below which is the end of their experience of the research but if you are intrigued and interested Beth has put a link at the end of the post that will take back so you can read their experiences from the Beginning. Hope everyone has a wonderful day with all things good, calm and smooth coming your way. ;-)

Hannah's Shenanigans: Research Study 4th Visit
After much harassment encouragement, I entered the blogosphere to document the delightful (or otherwise) and unexpected moments of my younger daughter's life. Hannah was born in 1998. She surprised us with her extra chromosome, and continues to surprise us with her humor, intellect and obstinacy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Reeces Rainbow Reunion...

Had a great day at the Yogi Bear camp ground with all the families and Andrea! Now we can match the faces to their personalities..We almost didn't go because of the weather..It was pouring in PA and we went anyway and the weather turned out great.. Loved the campground and camping experience even if only for a day...Loved meeting the woman who brought us together with our kiddies and was so neat for her to meet them in person after only seeing pictures. Was good day over all. Long ride home though with one eye open but worth it! We left just before the fireworks so the littles wouldn't get scared.