Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank You all for your well wishes & prayers! So hoping to meet the deadline & get INS approval asap! Our guy can be tough..but I will call the congressman as soon as it's time! I was waiting until I got the approval to announce it but I forgot about my followers from RR Yahoo group! So YAY! We're going back! Not looking forward to the long trip over there but I will come home and then go back for the pick up. I email Ivanna's Mother every couple of weeks...she is really happy and praying it all comes to fruition by March.
So we will be doing more Tricky Trays I suppose...We will take any donations of items to raffle anyone who would like to send stuff feel free...All items are welcomed because we can add to other themed baskets..also gift cards.


  1. FYI- USCIS goes through a cental office in TX now. This may be of help to you this time??

  2. oh wow! That is awesome! She is such a doll, I am so happy for her and you all! Her mother is a beautiful lady, and her heart seems very beautiful as well!