Monday, January 11, 2010

As some of you may husband & I had been wanting to go back for Ivanna Orphanage 12 in Vorzel...but due to the size of our home..USCIS would want us to add on..this wouldn't be possible until Spring/Summer and therefore too late to save Ivanna from being transferred to the Institution...We will still post pics of her & raise $ for the older grant fund in hopes that her family will find her... I will also send the updated pics to Andreaat Reeces Rainbow so she will have them for anyone interested. Please pray a family can go get her asap...Ivanna's mother visits her weekly when possible, she brings her healthy food to eat. Ivanna's mother is praying for someone to take her to America where she can have a better life. She will be happy with occasional pictures of her growing up.

Thank You all who have supported us & prayed for us through our last adoption of Masha, Milena & Lillia who are doing wonderful.....I am asking you all to try to donate something even if it's a couple of dollars to raise a grant for the older girls page and then maybe someone will commit to her soon...I will be transferring my chip in over to Reeces Rainbow when it builds up a little...We would have also tried to get Liza but God has answered many prayers for her future and will do the same for Ivanna especially if there is a grant to help a family start the process. We are aiming for minimum of $1800 for a Homestudy & USCIS fees, more would be great and increase her chances of being adopted.. Thanks for those who have already donated.

I was able to spend time with Ivanna if anyone wants more info...she is very teachable & lovable & quite a character. Please check out her new photo on the "Older Girls" page at I will forward this to friends & family as well if you could do the same to help accumulate a grant.

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  1. Joann,
    Im so sorry to hear that for your family and Ivanna. I pray that God will open the hearts of a loving family and allow them to see the light and bring her home. God Bless