Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Documents Gone!

The rest of our dossier will be in Kiev by Monday or Tuesday...I met the fedex man at the North Buiding in Harrisburg today just after the docs were apostilled! Still hot off the press!
While getting the docs done..I met a courier that makes her living taking documents for apostilling...she was talking to the lady behind the desk and she said her son's principal just adopted a Downs child..I knew they had to be from Reeces Rainbow! Sure enough it was the Lakota Family who adopted Juliana...This worker was so nice & happy to help all families with their apostilling process of adoption..If you haven't adopted don't know what you're missing! LOL Wowie..Talk about paper work...glad we are done...The cost to apostille a whole dossier is approx. $500 +

We should be in Ukraine by October 23 rd..we plan on meeting some other families while there and revisit some contacts & wonderful friends we have made...We'll be very busy over there...planning on doing a few hair doos as well..Some ladies are waiting in Buccha as well...I will be making 3 trips instead of staying the entire time due to school in session...Our new son should be home with us by Thanksgiving!

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