Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventure Camp!

We have 4 of the pre-teens/teens going to adventure camp...Seems the boys are having a better time then the girls..but they need to finish and follow through and I think they'll be glad they did..It is so neat all that they do there..The 1 st day was biking & wall climbing..yesterday more wall climbing and canoing & not sure what they were doing, but they needed their rain ponchos..It just started about 2o minutes they're prepared..

Getting some stuff around the house done..inside & out..We made a fence to block the kids from being able to enter the pool area through the gate..Our pool guy accidentally left if open ..Uh OH! My 2 older girls with Downs found one of the younger ones near the low end..very we have finished our make shift 6 foot fence to block off that area..Also we are adding smaller wire fence to the chain link fence so they can't climb it...These little monkeys can do amazing things.. shocking & scary sometimes..

Need to go up in the attic today to find the goggles..Our pool will be ready maybe by the weekend...hope the weather will be good..

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