Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Well... we are back in the race! The Adoption Race! Meet Stella...She is 14 and will age out of the adoption system if not adopted...Our hearts are heavy and we will do what we have to and bring her home.. Stella also suffers from alopecia and is wearing a wig in this picture so the kids at her school do not tease her. The kids in Eastern Europe are usually not too nice to kids with a disability. They are already taught that these kids are a curse or taboo on the family they were born into..It is heartbreaking to us having hosted a girl with Downs last summer and she was abused by the kids in her boarding school. She went to school with typical kids and we could tell she had been through a lot there. My son translated the things she said to us showing she had been teased & called  those very names herself...It broke my heart we could not adopt her due to her combative behaviors. I had to make the decision to protect my children here at home.

Stella comes with a good report and a calm disposition. We are very excited to bring her into our family and  give her the love she deserves...Please join us by praying for God to meet all the needs to make this happen! Safety & health  for Stella and our family, and financial needs as well.

Please follow our adoption journey and follow our blog to find out what's happening!


  1. I am thrilled beyond words to see that this precious girl has a wonderful family coming for her!

    I advocated for her in this post: http://theblessingofverity.com/2012/07/taking-the-low-place-part-2/

    SO THANKFUL you are going to be bringing her home!!!

  2. Aww..she looks very sweet..
    Thanks for advocating!