Sunday, July 14, 2013

Please help us bring Stella home...

Please help us bring Stella home....

Our mission is saving special needs children from countries who look upon them as a curse or tabu on their family or culture. To us this is nonsense.. We believe all of God's children are worth loving and He has called us to care for orphans with special needs. Many say to us.."oh you are crazy!" Well to us James 1:27 strikes a cord in our hearts and we hear God's calling.. It's not something we would expect everyone to do, but we are willing and to sacrifice for a child who is in need....Please join us with prayer and donating to our chip in to help bring Stella home..

Another way you can help if you are loacl is to come to our Hair Cut a Thon for back to school haircuts for the whole family! This will be held at BeautyWorks at 296 Washington Street East Stroudsburg, PA Date TBA soon!..Haircuts will be $10 for each..Men, women & children!

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