Thursday, July 1, 2010

From a another Adopting Family....they need help!

A few days ago, I got an email, one I had to sit on and wait for more details, but one that I thought was devastating at first. Well, now that I have details, we are a bit more optimistic, but still in a "panic".

What did we learn?
We learned that our Freddie was not born in the country we are travelling to, but instead, he was born in Russia.

What does that mean?
That means that in addition to attending court in the country he lives in, we will have to have a country lawyer go to Russia after court to obtain his original birth certificate.

How does this affect the adoption?
Other than adding a few steps, it does NOT affect his ability to be adopted! Praise Jesus for this, we were very worried until we got our details!!!

What does this mean financially and to your timeline?
It DOES affect these 2 areas!! The cost of this person to go get his birth certificate is an additional $3,000. It also prolongs our stay by about a week.
We are still lacking a couple thousand dollars to meet the demands of our little "hiccup". I know a lot of you have donated directly through RR, using the FSP page....I do not have those totals yet, but wanted you to know that I am aware of the fact that you have been doing that, and I really appreciate it!

If you want to donate through the FSP fund, just click on Freddie's picture in the right hand column and it will direct you to that page. You can also use the chip-ins in the right column or even make payments directly into my pay pal account. is my pay pal email address! visit our blog at

I thank you all for your continues support and all the prayers that are going up for Freddie and our family!

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