Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Client Today!

I met a new woman today that was referred to me! I like new clients being that after 30 years doing hair and being a busy Mom it gets me out once in a while to keep my identity! I highly recommend this to mothers of many! LOL

What was so great is she was a retired teacher of 35 years! She had very good insiteful information. I wasn't sure what I should do with an older child coming from Eastern Europe as far as schooling and the language barrier..she reassured me that putting him right into the intermediate school he will learn the language fast and love it! She has had kids come to her classes from other countries and they did very well..and also learned how to pretend a little longer that they didn't know English to skip some homework!! Funny Funny kids are...Anyway she made me feel more confident to just put him right in the school & keep him busy..I agree with that..My older sister told me once I had kids I wouldn't have time for my own worries & fears and problems! She was sure right about that and I am thankful God gave me so many children so I don't have time to whine...Lord knows I would be.

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