Monday, July 5, 2010

Just Wondering...

...What is Marco doing now? I hope having a lot of fun and also thinking about America & his future family. We are certainly preparing for his coming.. The room where he & his brother will share are freshly painted. We moved the 3 little ones cribs out and made it back to a boys room. They have a new lilac room with larger windows to see out. It is a good view from this new room considering they don't take their naps like they should & can look outside & watch their older siblings swimming & jumping on the trampouline..

I have our Home Study all sealed up for Immigration and will mail it tomorrow since the post office was closed today...Also received a document back that needed apostilling in Florida..So I am waiting only for Immigration approval and we're done..Hoping there are no new changes in Adoption Law and all is perfect. Lord knows I need an easier process and so far it has been one.

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