Sunday, August 8, 2010


Pretty soon our future son will be coming home from summer camp back to his orphanage! I will be sending him a letter & small gift to be delivered by our translator..She will be asking him if he still wants to come to America with us...All children 6 and over have the right to refuse adoption. SO we are praying and anticipating his answer..

We had our finger print appointment in Philadelphia and now are waiting for approval.
This could take while...

We have had a busy summer cleaning & changing things around...& just enjoying the kids & the pool. Hard to believe it is almost time for school again!


  1. Joann, what happens if the child can't speak? And doesn't write? Do they just skip this step??

  2. This boy does..I met him in June...He is a typical boy 12 years old. So the translator will read the letter to him..I will actually be sending the letter to her. Considered special needs because of the age I suppose.