Monday, August 16, 2010

WESTLEY NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP! $2195 grant available!

Westley (12)

Boy, Born July 21, 2004

Praise God that we have finally been able to get an update and new photos of this beautiful child. He was posted with us nearly 3 years ago, and then dropped off for paperwork and health problems. He is already 6 and so blessed to still be at the baby house. He is the size of a one year old :(( He is facing imminent institutionalization, and HE CAN NOT BE ADOPTED FROM WHERE HE WILL BE SENT. We need a family's commitment urgently for little Westley!

From his medical records: Down syndrome, Hirschsprung's disease, bowels colostomy, strabismus

From an adoptive family who visited with him in August 2010: This child watched us the entire time we were there. He was up and down in his crib inside and outside. He was even trying to climb out of his crib to get to us. Then, once the workers took them all in, and we finished with Ivanna we went in for a while. I then was able to communicate and ask permission to pick him up. Oh how sweet. They are all starving for affection more than anything in the world. I just held him for the longest time and he just seemed so content.

There are MANY children with Down syndrome and other special needs waiting in this orphanage who can be adopted together.


  1. I would love to adopt this little guy... but my age and my husband's age prevents us... that darn 45 yr age difference. Any chance of that changing in the future ? There have been other children in Ukraine but that dumb law they put into affect in 2008 makes it impossible for us to be able to adopt them.

  2. I will check it out for you..maybe they would allow it..