Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, finally the "golden ticket".... came today!! We were praying for no glitches & we had none..Some people were worried about the pink slip! So was I!! But we got the I 171 H approval for Marco & a pink slip for an extension if was a little confused at first! So is not all bad with Immigration!!

Should be traveling sometime in October...Marco should be home with us by mid November!!


  1. Congratulations!!! It's nice to hear of a family getting their I-171H without any hassles. You're proof that it does happen occasionally! LOL

  2. I know how sweet that feels too. Glad to hear it came without glitches..This is the way it should be. We got ours earlier this summer for our adoptions in Ghana and I love this system now that they switched to...way better than before.

  3. Amen Mama Jeanne...So nice to hear from you...hope all is well ...I love the new system too..
    When you have alot of kids like us we are a target!
    Happy yours went through smooth too..I know all you went through with them in the past & conquered!!
    You are my hero!