Friday, October 1, 2010

Headed to Vorzel for Hairdoos next month..

We don't have our date yet for travel but I got a message today from a girl at the orphanage where my 3 little one came from..The ladies are so excited I will be coming back to do their hair LOL They were so funny..I have to say the best make-overs I ever had the opportunity to do...They were good sports! Here is the FB post from Danielle:

Today the dr had me speak with her daughter on the phone to translate that they want to know when you are coming back. They showed me your picture so that I would understand. What should I tell them? Are you going to be in Kiev next month? I have never seen them so excited when I said that I thought that you were possibly coming back soon. They really like you!

Best& only missionary thing I ever got to do in another country...

Sending a package off to our future son! Still not sure what his name will be.
Marco Yura Torres
Yura Marco Torres

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