Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ukraine: 42 killed in bus, train collision

Ukraine: 42 killed in bus, train collision

The remains of a bus lay next to a railway train at the site of an accident outside the town of Marhanets, Ukraine, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010. The crowde AP – The remains of a bus lay next to a railway train at the site of an accident outside the town of Marhanets, …

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KIEV, Ukraine – A train crashed into a crowded bus in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, killing 42 people on the bus, including two children, and injuring nearly a dozen others, officials said.

The Interior Ministry said the accident occurred outside the town of Marhanets in the Dnipropetrovsk region after the bus attempted to cross the track, ignoring a siren that indicated an oncoming train.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said in a statement that two children were among those killed. Police officials had said earlier that 11 survivors were in critical condition with grave injuries.

Rescuers, medics and investigators are working at the scene of the crash. All the casualties were on the bus, railway officials said.

President Viktor Yanukovych declared a national day of mourning Wednesday.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov ordered his government to pay the family of each of the dead victims 100,000 hryvna ($12,600).

He also instructed transport officials to install automated crossing gates at all the nation's railway crossings to prevent cars, buses and trucks from ignoring the siren.

Road and railway accidents are common in Ukraine, where the roads are in poor condition, vehicles are poorly maintained and drivers and passengers routinely disregard safety and traffic rules.


  1. Safety schmafety. This society disregards even the most basic safety measures. It is overall very appalling. One time in Odessa we were walking at night to a home church. We had to go through an arch from the sidewalk to a courtyard in the dark. There was no lighting ANYWHERE. By pure luck we missed walking into a very large hole that some workers had dug to fix something and it was very deep. There were no barriers or signs at all. Don't tell me that that the locals do any better. I saw a middle aged lady trip and fall ebcause some 2 inch bolts sticking out of the concrete in a sidewalk. What kind of idiot leaves bolts sticking out the the sidewalk? we would take a hacksaw, grinder, or cutting torch and get rid of them. I have dozens of examples of this kind of thing.

  2. Exactly,,,and nothing is handicap accessible..or railings for the elderly...The loose dogs attack people walking by..we have heard and seen a lot of this too..Many steel rods sticking out