Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month

October is Down syndrome awareness month. A genetic condition generally affecting health and development, Down syndrome occurs when a person has 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. 1 out of every 800 live births result in a child with Down syndrome.

The National Association for Down Syndrome, primarily serving the Chicago metropolitan area, encourages families to spread awareness about people who are differently-abled. Their ideas include:

• Distribute NADS posters and bookmarks to area schools, libraries, or businesses (you can order them through the NADS office or the website: www.nads.org)
• Talk to your child’s class
• Write a letter to your local paper
• Organize a special event during October to highlight the gifts of people with Down syndrome
• Organize a “Down Syndrome Awareness Day” at a local restaurant or community event

Use social media as a tool to spread awareness. Find an inspiring quote or story or a video about an individual with Down syndrome. Tweet it or put it on your facebook status. Blog about someone with Down syndrome who has touched your life. Do a search on Google to find out what events are organized in your community. Volunteer to help.

Donate to the Chicagoland Buddy Walk this Sunday, October 10 in Wheaton, Illinois.

For more information and ideas go to the National Association for Down Syndrome

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