Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back From Eastern Europe!

Had a great first trip to Eastern Europe! We spent 2 visits with Marco and Ruben got to meet him and was very pleased. He is a great kid. Here we are with him and some jet lag...

We had straight through flights with Aerosvit which was pretty reasonable and we were very satisfied..No complaints at all. Will take them again if it works out, but not sure with our next confusing trip because I will stay longer than hubby and then Marco will join me for the ride home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love our facilitator & translator..they are very nice people. We had a cute little studio apartment right in the middle of everything and hope to have the same one or close to it again next trip. Marco was so happy to see us and signed the documents to be adopted very quickly! He also was introduced to an Italian family last month but refused. That's my BOY!! He is smart, calm and happy. He is very grateful for little things. I would have loved to bring him a hand held game but right now we need to keep sacrificing to just get him home. This would have occupied him while he waits for us because he mentioned he waited so long.. We explained his country and we must follow the process and rules & it takes time. Now with the Moratorium possibly coming soon we hope & pray it will miss us and we can get him out with no glitches. We are waiting for our interpol clearance to be approved and then our court date..
Looking forward to getting him home & be done traveling and enjoy Christmas. Our kids are very excited to meet him and have also sacrificed in many ways. I am so proud of them and how they have done through all our adoptions.
We got to meet a few families from Reeces Rainbow also adopting. We had a nice time eating and spending time with them.

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  1. Miss you! We're heading out the 18th, hopefully. Will you be back before then?