Friday, November 26, 2010

Just waiting.....

We are still waiting for Interpol clearance....which can take up to 40 days..sheesh!
But it is all good..God knows the timing. We are well into our 40 days so should be sometime when we least expect it..Was hoping soon to miss our Christmas...we planned on having a Eastern Europe Christmas when we got back anyway...Marco is our gift to the family & to him this year until we get back. I recently sent over a box with my son's game boy & some games...kind of outdated but it works well and I think Marco will keep occupied with the 4/5 games and 4 sets of batteries to keep it going. I also sent him his potato chips he likes.. pencils with a globe sharpener so he can see where we are...and a puzzle...USA key chain ...gum...and a few other things I squeezed in the box.

I have Marco's clothes ready and our few clothes ready. All of my hair supplies have been waiting in the orphanage in Vorzel...The ladies might be wondering by now what happened..I said I'd be back in 2 weeks..LOL They may have started without me!

I should be in country for about 2 1/2- 3 weeks. Hubby will only be in country about 3-4 days for court. This will allow me to run around the country doing hair & visiting our boy and friends.

Today the used games are buy 2 get 1 free at Game I will be off to get a few more to send Marco in our next letter.. We send a letter every few days so he knows we are still coming & love him very much. Our translator also has been calling to re assure him of this.

We were asked to check on Interpol from our end since Hubby is in law enforcement...most of the checks they do are done through looking for the correct phone number to call..Usually only law enforcement can use the lines to we'll see what happens..Comes in handy to be married to a Police man..Such a good level headed guy too...

Headed out into the Black Friday world..but not to shop...all shopping is on hold until 2011...I have to wire $ to our facilitator..Almost done!!!

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