Monday, November 22, 2010

Latest Info on Moratorium....

"The second hearing for the bill for a moratorium of adoptions with countries which
> don't have an inter-country (bilateral) agreement with Ukraine is set to be
> read on the week of December 14-17 and is "near the end" of the list...
> #4313.
> Yes, we can pray that it doesn't get heard.
> Yes, we can pray that it doesn't get passed.
> I, specifically, will pray that the orphans who will not be adopted by their
> own country will not be left without an avenue for adoption. God knows the
> details.
> Here's a little more info: The idea behind this bill is for Ukraine to be
> able to "better protect" their children and the country is "considering"
> becoming part of the Hague convention. This could, eventually, be a very
> VERY good thing (In my opinion) for ALL of the children AND for the
> parents.
> So, there's the info I have, and here is a link that is in Ukrainian but you
> can google-translate if you'd like. It's wayyyyyyy down:
> ---------------------------------------------

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