Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home on the range...

Glad to be home more now...Ruben is working the day shift...So I am a house wife again! I have been so busy preparing for the adoption and working during the day that I need to stop that pace for a little while..so home is good..I had a fruitful morning already...I have the flylady.net on my mind..but didn't follow her daily digest faithfully yet today..One thing she says is to get fully dressed every day..so I have showered & dressed and all the kiddies are up & fed while I straighten up. For those of you not familiar with flylady.net...check out her website..she has some great info for mothers to use to help keep your houses in order..I need this Big time...They take on room at a time for about 4 days and just work on that..I think the goal is after a month you can have a finished house..Here I have to start over every couple days LOL But it does help me.

Marco is doing well..each week we get a little further in teaching him new things and rules in the house...We have learned that he can not or should not have soda & caffeine LOL Shortly after he morphs into a silly, wiry, buzzing child that cannot hear well! Soda is not usually on our menu, but since I am on weight watchers, there is diet soda here to help fill me up! I know it's not healthy..but it's a way to feel full..Every time I get a hold of myself through eating better...it seems to get the rest of my life into some order..maybe it's because I can stay awake all day LOL..Before I was eating way too many carbs and calories and border line diabetes would just knock me down..either to a chair or a bed for a nap.

Haven't been posting much but will try more now that I am home..It gives me a break from the cleaning..Woo Hoo! My other break will be spending more time with the littles and Ben who still home schools & is also sick.....Today I have 5 littles home for sickness...They will manage to tear up the house though if I turn my back..right now they are not moving..Oh I spoke to soon..Lillia is out of her high chair with a glove on ready to start some trouble!

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