Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glad to be home...

We had a great day yesterday together again as a family...I really missed the kids & Ruben while away. Had a lot of laughs and projections about our new son/brother. He will fit right in with us. I am praying there are no glitches & his arrival will be uneventful. We are cleaning & heaving excess things & furniture..I have been trying to become less cluttered for awhile now and it is happening slowly..The only excess items are clothing I will tackle that next week..and of course the pile I have thrown out front! So on the weekend we can cart it away to salvation army...Junk is such a distraction from everything.

Also getting more documents in order for our dossier. Most of the paperwork is in Ukraine and waiting on an answer to a letter from us that was submitted last week to confirm Marco is free & clear for adoption. He is a beautiful child and we had an instant connection at our first visit. I thought that I may not be able to see him, but the director then allowed us and many visits after. On our second visit the translator, Marco & friends & I, walked to the flea market to purchase some fruits & veggies for the orphanage...We also purchased shampoo/dish soap/laundry soap/bar soap,cleaning products and sponges. The orphanage has less support for food & items during the summer so they were very grateful and I was happy to do it..

While we wereat the flea market, I asked if Marco wanted anything and he said Potato chips! So he ran back with his friends and 100 grivnahs (about $8) to get them. He is a giving child and shared with the others. He shared his soccer ball with the older boys and is not greedy for anything. I am very pleased with his behavior & personality. This orphanage is a boarding school, so the children wear uniforms and attend church and also take turns helping the Priest in services.. The main religion in Ukraine is Orthodox.

All of the children when passing look you in the eyes and most will say Good Morning or Good afternoon. Some wait for you to say it first. I thought this was very respectful.

Today I catch up on clients at the shop...should be a full day. I start at 7:30 am. I am missing Marco today and thinking he is reminiscing as well & day dreaming of his new future.

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  1. Wonderful new Blog! Thank you for all you did for the Care Workers and joining me on our mission trip! I could not imagine ever finding another friend like you! I pray it all goes FAST so that Yura is home with you soon!!Sandie