Saturday, June 12, 2010

Headed to Kiev!

Well..I am headed to Kiev this afternoon! Everything is packed to the max for the orphanage and we will drive to JFK this morning to park just outside the airport and be dropped at the Delta counter! Sandie is filled with more than me..aside from the crafts/bonnets/toys/Sandie is bringing some child size walkers and crutches,,I have a few pairs here as well that were donated from Youngs Medical. Now just need to figure out where to put them! I know I met my 50 pound mark with my suitcase!

Looking forward to landing at 9:10 tomorrow morning Kiev time..but it will be 7 hours earlier here in the USA. Hoping to sleep on the plane so we don't miss a beat!
Sunday we will just relax and get reaquainted with Kiev and meet with other Americans at TGI Fridays at 5 pm for dinner. There are about 4-5 families in Kiev adopting little ones through Reeces Rainbow Down Syndrome Ministry. We will be spending some time with then through out the week.

We will be picked up in Kiev by Ivanna's parents.. Ivanna has been waiting so long to get out of that orphanage! Her new Mommy, Darlena will be close behind us hopefully with her travel plans to rescue her..and what a great day that will be..
The orphanage director has held Ivanna so long for her family..He has a big heart.

My real exciement for this trip is to meet a boy named Marco...well that's not his real name, but I have grown accustomed to it! He looks like a Marco now! I will be meeting him on Tuesday at his orphanage/boarding school...This is the hilight of my trip. He lives in the Bucha Orphanage just on the out skirts of Kiev. His mother died a couple of years ago and Marco was placed there due to no family to take him.
Praying Marco will be a great fit to our family..My son really wants a brother!

I am also looking forward to favorite pass time! The food is wonderful & cheap in Ukraine..Be back later from the iphone!


  1. Have a wonderful trip, JoAnn! I so wish I was going along.... I pray that your meeting with Marco goes well and is everything you hope for. Please give Natasha the biggest hug ever from her loving "family" in the US!

    Love, Bella's Mama

  2. Just read that you had met Marco and decided to adopt him! :) Way to go God for bringing this precious young man into a family again!!! Congratulations on being a mom again JoAnn, it sounds like you will have a really wonderful new son :) I'm so happy for you!