Monday, June 14, 2010

We Met Marco!

Marco who is a beautiful sweet child! He is still boy like and not too old for a
great brother for my son. He is a good diciplined boy. His Mother died a few years ago..but he still remembers...I held it together until that info was given...he is so willing to be loved and have a Mama and a large family. He is eager to meet Benjamin and be a part of our family. He couldn't stop looking at the photos and smiling..I will try to upload pictures and video. The boarding school is very close to Vorzel orphanage and we never knew it. We passed it so many times on our way visiting our little ones.

Yesterday we went to Vozel and saw Ivanna, Liza and Igor/Ivan looking out the window..We saw Timothy..and some other little children we will find out later about..we are now headed to lunch be back later!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting - it makes my heart feel like jello and my eyes fill with tears knowing you are there face-to-face with the little ones. We can not wait to see her for the very first time!