Monday, June 7, 2010

Leaving soon!

I will be heading to Ukraine this Saturday! Praying for a good flight..Should be nicer traveling this trip flying straight to Kiev without a lay over..and hoping to sleep on the plane so I won't miss a beat... leaving in the afternoon from New York and arriving in Kiev in the morning! Don't want to have to waste our first day there..but somehow we will miss time I just know it and I'll want to crash in the bed in the afternoon! Planning to meet at TGI Fridays at 5 pm with the Reeces Rainbow families.. This will be great!

Hoping Monday to get to meet Marco on my blog..Not sure if they still have school this time of year...we will be taking soccer balls to the orphanage for the kids. This will be an excuse to go there because normally people cannot just show up at an orphaange without a missions team or doing an adoption. So praying I will have a long visit to get to know hime with the translator..I have lots of questions. Praying he will like me and want to go to America one day soon. We will try to get pictures and profile info on other children at this orphanage as well.

Then Tuesday we will head to Vorzel if not Monday morning too..all depends when we can go to see Marco.

Please pray for a safe trip and productive finding new children to put on the Reeces Rainbow website. We want to get updated pictures for all those who will be going to Ukraine soon for their children..

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  1. any chance you will see sweet Aaron? I know he is in an institution....