Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy, Busy Busy

Having a busy time settling in and transitioning..Trying to keep Marco busy with new things other than the internet and xbox although it's every teen's fav....
Limiting this feels right to us.
Last night he experienced the laundromat and how many clothes I take at one time...Our other washer has a problem now...easier to just take it anyway with the amount I have. Not cheaper that's for sure...

Marco will start school this week with his twin sisters. They will show him around and take the bus in with him..He will have a teacher that will stay with him most of the day until his English is good. He will go in the 6 th grade which is where he was in Ukraine. He seems about at that level. The structure will be good for him and to see that America is not just about internet, eating and xbox! LOL

Praying for a smooth transition and for him to learn English quickly so we can have better communication. School will be the fastest way to get that accomplished. He also needs some new interests like sports. Doesn't seem to have much interest in soccer, more of a bent towards basketball. During the summer I will send the kids to adventure camp at Stony Acres and I am looking for some other day camp ideas that are local.


  1. yes dear i feel your feelings your are really busy.

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  2. OHhhhhhhhhhhh you are really busy i think you get rest and sleep well. now than you feel better.

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