Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving right Along....

Marco is doing great..he is moving right along into his school work. I found a great website that has worksheets in Russian & English. The worksheets cover the basics, food groups, body parts, rooms & their contents, plants etc...One column is Russian, the other is in English to translate and the next column is blank for him to write the word in English. He writes very good...He can knock 5 pages in a less then 10 minutes, so he's doing well. Ruben is the Math teacher here...he has been doing fractions with him. Also doing great, doesn't even need the scratch paper on most problems and does them in his head....He is learning about the United Sates, today they will make a topical map from dough and then paint it & label it.. He is learning everyday about our family routines and the children. Yesterday we had a talk about Down Syndrome and being a little more understanding & gentle when playing with them. He asked me which children had Down I liked that! He didn't know for sure which ones. So the one I was referring to was Amelia..she is high functioning and doesn't take any poop from anyone. She is a great judge of character too...if she doesn't care for someone, it's usually because there's something about them that is undesirable or crooked LOL Maybe they can use her down at SARPD.

All in all we're having a great time with Marco and can't wait until his party on Saturday. He knows about it, but not the details. He will be very surprised because of where it is and all the people & music.

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