Friday, December 31, 2010

Been there...Done that!

Ok...Went to Philadelphia to the Mexican Consulate..the office there was as helpful as can be...she took all our info & ID from Hubby and was going to research and make a call to Mexican Embassy in NY. Before we got home we had an email from the gal!

She was very nice & helpful...Thanks for all your prayers..but keep em' comin'.... we have to contact the US Embassy in Mexico City on Monday...So maybe that office can help us better and being they are in the capital of Mexico...I think so too! Atleast I think this is where Interpol is in Mexico. I called the US embassy today there but that office was already out and I will call again Monday.

I also called our translator today in Eastern Europe..she told me that they are hoping they'll have something on Jan 4 hoping & praying as well....She also spoke to our Marco and he said to tell me thank You for the gifts and he is waiting for us! And to say hello to my mommy..Oh Lordy...I needed this to keep's been 8 weeks since our 1 st trip and we should have been back 2 weeks after that...I miss him so much and can't wait until we get him home...I know with all this extra added stress it's all the more sweeter when it really happens! Every adoption seems to be that way....

Happy New Year...

& thanks for your prayers & I'll take some more if you'd please!


  1. Just catching up and so sorry to hear you are still delayed! Praying for you and for good news soon! God bless!

  2. I am SO HAPPY to hear the consulate was helpful! Prayers and Positive Thoughts all goes well from this point! Happy New Year