Friday, December 3, 2010

Eric Ludy - Depraved Indifference

Crazy? This is a comment people have made about us adopting special needs kids from a far off place..After viewing this video maybe you can see what motivates us to do what we do...spend $70,000 to rescue orphans that are considered less than in their own culture. Because God rescued us...Because God adopted us...Because God tells us to take care of orphans...

Do you wonder why we're so "Crazy" that we would adopt again? I don't need to add a single thing to it. This is EXACTLY why we would spend thousands of dollars and travel the ocean many times for little lives. It's exactly why we trust that God is big enough, strong enough, loving enough-- to take care of us ALL once we are home together. Because we ARE God's body. God rescues the weak...God uses the meek..
Praise God for all those who helped us save these children through donations & fund raising & prayers through the years.


  1. Im glad you are crazy and glad we were crazy enough to do it again and again. Even in my current state of chaos I would happily take on crazy again.