Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is great!! Hope they keep pushing it back!

Good news on the vote. :) It was scheduled for Dec 16 in the morning (before the morning break) and has now been pushed to the week of Dec 21-24 according to the Rada website. I'm hopeful this means they are still working out details and will not implement it in its current form.

As I mentioned before, the Legal Division of Ukraine has recommended the bill be rejected as it will cause conflicts with other areas of the Family Code that are not being changed. Two amendments were filed on Nov 30 but the text of those is not available online.

For those who are interested in following the Rada proceedings, the website is Clicking on that will give you links to the weekly schedules for the Rada. You can then search on the page for the bill number 4313, which is the bill in question. If you click on the bill number, you will go to a page with links to the actual bill as well as to who has voted for/against, etc.

I'm checking the Rada website every couple of days so I will keep you guys updated as I see more. If you have time and enjoy deciphering cyrillic (or like playing with Google translate), the Rada website is a WEALTH of information on random legal stuff for Ukraine!


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  1. Thanks for sharing and thanks for actually posting facts based on the RADA website instead of these crazy rumors!