Friday, December 17, 2010

Still Waiting....

I have recently had contact with the US Embassy about our delay...We were emailed a few docs to sign and fax back to give them permission to investigate our Adoption process..So they have hopefully already sent a letter to Interpol on our behalf and can find out the exact delay. Looking forward to hearing something soon. We are ready to go...not looking forward to flying in the winter..have heard some turbulent stories lately on the yahoo group..Yesterday when I was driving I noticed how clear & sunny it was...praying for a travel day like this. I will be re-packing my suitcase since I will be bringing things over for our Pastor friend & his wife...Need to pick up an Electric razor and some other things for his Christmas gift...also have one item from last trip we forgot to I want to remember it all..

They are also in need of another vehicle for their family. They are in full time ministry and do not have the means to afford one on their own. They are looking to get a 7 passenger van which will cost about $9000. or have a commitment to a monthly payment. So if anyone has any grant info or fund raising ideas to help this family. Having more than 2 children in their country is not popular...but they are Christians and want to have a large family.

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