Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moratorium Update

Well the vote is now pushed back until January 11 th...at this time if a vote passes it will not stop adoption now, but changes will be made for a Hague country for adoptions...The process has some differences which I will post on later is it happens.
We almost had our date! Our facilitator thought maybe a way to expedite but still nothing yet...Trying to be patient and just keep busy & keep improving and purging & decorating the house inside...

Glad to have all the kids home now for the Holidays...so looking forward to our trip to Disney when we finally get Marco home...I think it'll be around Easter...
For now we are Homeschooling 5 of the older kids using Switched on Schoolhouse. Finally a dream come true..and it feels right this time..We have done some home schooling in the past and it just wasn't the right timing..I feel like I have my kids back..
The 5 littles are still in school and our 5 th daughter with Downs will probably join the home schoolers for 6 th grade next year, modified. When Marco comes we will just focus on Rosetta Stone English to start, which my friend Lyndi is sending me this week. The boy they adopted is speaking pretty well already after 4 months so she is done with disc 1 which is the basics.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm hoping those of us not yet submitted won't have to make a lot of time consuming changes. And praising God that it won't likely mean ending adoption altogether! I can't even imagine what that would have meant for countless children.