Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Waiting...

We are still waiting but it's all good....hoping we
will get court soon and praying the moratorium vote gets tabled for all the children's sake that are in process of adoption.. It was skipped over before and it could happen again. Also praying that behind the scenes progress will be made to continue to allow special needs adoptions to come to fruition during the possible moratorium.

Made contact with one of the Docs where we adopted our 3 little angels 2 summers ago. They are waiting for the hair doos when I can get out there...I am packed for the most part and looking forward to the trip. It should be very exciting seeing our boy and having him with me and doing hair for about 10 days for the care workers of the little ones in the orphanage. Praying for a safe and non-turbulent flight...that last one to Eastern Europe had a bout of turbulence I have never experienced...10 -15 minutes of bouncing like we had felt like an hour...need another flying course online!

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