Friday, December 24, 2010

This beauty needs a Mommy!

This is a child we have been trying to find a family for a long time. We call this little girl “Lisa” and she has waited a long time due to her HIV status and the fact that Thailand has been relatively strict as far as eligibility. However, Thailand has loosened their requirements in order to find a family for this child. Single women are now eligible for her adoption! Our program specialist has just come back from a visit and described her as being “absolutely adorable.” Her ID number in our system is H09-02 and she was born at the end of 2005. She is an incredible girl with bright eyes. She has rosy chubby cheeks. She enjoys playing physical activities. She likes to play on the jungle gym and jump on the trampoline. She has great fine motor skills and can build a bridge using blocks and string beads on a thread. She is described as a happy and bright child. She enjoys other people and likes to play with her peers. She is affectionate and gives the younger children hugs and kisses. She can speak in her native language and knows some English words. She waits for her own family because she is HIV positive. Her family will be so lucky to see her smile each day! We are seeking a family that is paper ready! She has been waiting for almost a year! Contact Lisa Trinh for further information or 651-255-2252.


  1. I would love to adopt her. I just lived in Korea for two years. I haven't been back a month yet. I have some friends in Thailand and some that are considering going there. I have thought of that place as an option for myself. Maybe I will go there. If I do, and she's still available, I most likely will start the process for her. I just need to find out what I'm going to do in my life.

  2. Christine that would be awesome! I love her too..but we are done after this adoption and will help & donate to other people adopting!