Saturday, January 29, 2011

Less than 1 week!

Getting as much done in the house as possible...Have our suitcases packed..but I will be repacking again I am sure..Have to weight them to make sure they are not too heavy! 50 pounds each is allowed..then one carry on each and one purse or computer bag...
I have so much candy/cookies/ stuffed animals etc to take for the orphanages...I wish I could take more..but I just may buy some while there..

I have a few things to pick up yet...but for the most part we are ready!

I really want to write a book on all of our experiences and what we have seen and want to bring more awareness to this problem of orphans in & around Eastern Europe.. I have spoken to a few people who are missionaries there and I am sure be would be more than willing to contribute what they have done to help the orphanages & institutions.

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