Saturday, January 15, 2011

Preparing...sure had plenty of time!

Today is Saturday...and we will be doing the usual cleaning and getting the house ready for our Marco! His real name is Yura! I can post that now that I am private..His stage name on the website was we will call him Marco Yura Torres...
I will be re packing this weekend too because I bought a bigger suitcase at the thrift shop...ALSO LOTS OF 75% Christmas cookies/candy/etc for the kids at the orphanage...Christmas was Jan 7 th in it won't look too bad coming later on with Christmas it's edible.

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  1. Do things just really slow down during the holidays or is it slower in general for older kids? You guys are going to the Vorzel court house, right? This is taking so long! Anyway, I have 8 packages of lightener to send you, I am going to get some color this weekend and put together the letter. It will get there next week. Hope you guys get news soon!