Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got an email.....Here is my answer!

Yes, you are right, your dossier is OK.

We've been to the Court today. As I told you there is a reorganization in the Court now. They are installing the system there, in order the computer to set the judge for the cases. That's why not only our documents, but all the documents of all the cases at that Court house left since last year should be submitted again. In some Courts this system was already installed, but in this very Court they are doing it now and we are " lucky " to have our case this time. Anyway, we submitted the documents again. Today they could not tell us the date yet because they were still working on the installation today. It will take couple of days. They told us to come on Monday to check regarding the court date. But we will check every day, and will inform you as soon as we get it.

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