Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaving Friday....

Well needless to say we are rushing to get a lot done before we leave on Friday,,
I just spoke to our translator and booked the apartment and gave her the flight numbers so she can meet us at the airport Sat Feb 5 th due to the time change it is a day ahead.. We fly through Munich going and Frankfurt coming home. I will stay until the end of February and Ruben will be home Feb 9 th.

We were told we could get Marco right after court! So this is an exciting change..we still have the 10 day wait I guess...just that he can be with us during this time...SO we can go around Kiev and see the cathedrals and what ever he may want to do. Not sure the zoo is open in the winter but will check into that. It would be nice to have Benjamin along too since we'll have him so quickly. I guess a little late now to get the passport...

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