Friday, January 7, 2011


I love snow days when I am forced to stay home & do house things! Today I will catch up on my house projects and actually all weekend should be snow! Woo Hoo...I am nesting now so this is great! I am going to be making a set of rustic bunk beds that we saw once at a church camp...They were simple off the floor 3 high..but we will only be making 2 high..The mattresses were a little more narrow than a twin which I have seen at IKEA. Home depot cuts the boards to your specification and all we have to do it nail & screw to the wall... This will help in the small bedroom which is for our 2 boys!! For a fraction of the cost of a set of bunks and then we can paint them whatever color they want.

Still haven't heard anything yet from our is now 3:25 in Europe so Natasha usually emails me late at night...Each day we go further into January ~ February we'll have another pay check for the trip so it's ok, just want that light at the end of the tunnel!.. I know we're close because we were told the Interpol letter was sent and on the way...So hoping for January 24 th for court and hope to see lots of RR rainbow families over there. It seems there are a few traveling...

I should be there about 3 weeks and hubby will just come for about 5~6 days in the beginning.

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