Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're coming Beautiful Boy!

Oh when I look at this picture it is from my first trip to see Marco...What a nice boy & so handsome...I was so pleased at his demeanor and personality. His smile just lights up a room. He will be a Valentine present to our whole family..but especially to me. Amazing how your love can grow for a kid that is older and not from my womb they say but from my heart. I was trying to put my feelings on hold because I didn't think it was happening there for a little while..I was feeling so discouraged last week that I emailed our translator that Marco should have his family by now and I hate to see him without one much longer.... and if a good family came & thought he'd fit don't make him hold on to a pipe dream... Thankfully God doesn't listen to me ...Because I would have been devastated as I was crying while I wrote the email to her and crying now. You know the poem.."If you love something set it free....well I was trying to act like I meant it but I really didn't. I wanted Marco to be in our family and so he will.
He will fit in with our kids so well...he is so easy going & my kids will welcome him with open arms. They have been waiting so long and are so excited to see me pull in the driveway with their new brother.

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