Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our court date is February 7 we will leave Feb 4 th or 5th...
My husband will come back 5 days later and I will stay on to wait out the 10 day requirement and then get Marco Yura Torres out of the orphanage! He will be so happy to hear the news today that we finally have the date...Life as he knows it will change forever..

I will stay in country about 20 days..Leaving to come home with our 11 th child around February 26 th! During the10 day wait I will be doing hair at the orphanage where we adopted our 3 little Ukrainian beauties...and whatever we can do to expedite necessary items needed for Marco to leave code/passport/visa..etc

We all have waited so long it seems..but in the scheme of things it isn't very long once it's all's like forget ! And to think you have a child for all the hair paperwork & waiting & raising the money...amazing.


  1. Yeah ! Praise God...I am looking forward to following the end of this journey.

  2. OMG -CONGRATS!!! Finally is right!