Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another great Full Day!!

Just got back to my apartment about 6 pm. Started off meeting the Malone Family in front of the Metro on Kreshatik St. I love this family...they are so down to earth and just great...We have a lot of parallels in our lives, and it just feels good knowing there are families that share the same labor of love...

I huffed & puffed with my bag of hair supplies..& asthma! Most of my hair supplies were in Vorzel thanks to Meredith & the Lutz's who took them on the train before I left last trip..Thanks again for that...they had them under lock & key!
What a nice welcome I had and Mary M & I got to cruise around a little while the ladies were looking at clothes from a sales woman..I love those people..There was also one at Marco's orphanage yesterday...They have nice stuff. This afternoon there was a curtain sales man there and the ladies hair I did today chipped in and bought me one I was looking at!! That was so so nice of them...It is a beautiful curtain..with a valence too...They have beautiful curtains and table clothes here & in Russia.

Well Mary & I took some new pictures of 2 of the boys available and a few kids that are not..1 new one since I was there last..a little girl not available...
I did get to play a little with Misha who looked better than the last trip...He was in the playroom with no casts and walking around...and we got some new photos...Poor guy needs a Mommy quick..I will post his picture & email it to Reeces Rainbow for updates..He is so sweet.
The other sweetie was Andre,..he is also waiting for his Mommy too..It was really good to see all the ladies in the baby house...I will be able to spend a week in Vorzel doing hair and seeing all the ladies from our adoption. I should be able to get a lot of ladies done since I have the time. It was so much easier this time stopping at about the 10 th lady so I could finish up and get out by 2:30. Wasn't so hard on my feet this way too...last time it was overkill...On my feet in one place for about 10 hours with little to no breaks. Tomorrow I will return to the same Baby house by 8:30 or so with the Malones. Got to hand deliver a letter and pictures from Danielle ...They were so happy to see that! He looked so good with his glasses on...they really liked this..

Talked to our old translator from our 2009 adoption and will be meeting her next week sometime for dinner. I am keeping busy so I don't miss my family as much back home...Kind of hard..I think of them non-stop...

When I get back to the apartment at night I feel the emptiness from my husband not with me here anymore and get a little weepy...but I try then to do things I need to do like laundry, sort through mega candy, cookies & chocolates for Marco's farewell party next Thursday.. I have an official crying towel when the need happens..Better out then in! LOL Just skyped with the kids so the towel came in handy again after I hung up.
Marco is coming here I will straighten up and have his bed ready, which is one of those couches that folds open I think originated in Poland. I bought some dried sausage and kielbasa and ham and bread & cheese...& juice so far...I want to get some of their Presidents Yogurt..WOW is that good stuff..I had the strawberry one today...Need to get a dozen of those...yummy!
The food is very good here..some of the things I can pass on like the raw fish..and a few of their dairy products are much different. The milk is very different and thick...They have Keefer..which I can only drink flavored..and some other soft cheeses, sauerkraut and sour cream are different.

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  1. Thank you so much for giving them the letter and pictures! I hope that it translated OK and made sense to them! You will feel better when Marco is with you, you guys can explore and go to Hydropark. You will be home soon!