Sunday, February 6, 2011

Settling in our new apartment..

It is a very cute apartment..3 rd floor with a closed in balcony and big windows facing the street..I have stayed in this building twice so far so I am accustomed to this place and it has an great for my asthma! Once I get walking around the city seems to get better..maybe I get in shape after 2 weeks so this helps with the asthma.

We have cable and English channels..Right now we are watching the discovery channel...It's about airplanes and the A380 Airbus...largest plane ever this is helping my fears..LOL Explaining how it all works. Very interesting..but also will not fly in the winter if I can help it..

Starting to get hungry I will be going to the store for some groceries soon. It's 2 :40 pm..We ate late this it's now about lunch time...
Hello Danielle! I read your comment...I will take your pictures and letters for the ladies in Baby House #1...They will be surprised and happy to hear from you..I will be in touch with Ivanna's parents to pick up the razor/buzzer that belongs there and plan to have me over for dinner next week.

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