Saturday, February 19, 2011

Been running...

Well I am back finally I can rest..I have been so busy and that is good..Last I blogged was Thursday.. I went to Pastor's house for dinner..I had a great time..Also had Nadya there form their church..She translated for me at the orphanage during the summer while I did hair..
She is a doll..Had great lasagna Olya made with turkey... and a very interesting desert pastry that was also very good.
Helped Pastor set up an American
So please check it out..I also set up a chip in for a huge need they have.. This need is for a vehicle to fit their whole family...They now have 4 children and not enough room in the car for them...and while he started to drive me home..the back door was not this is not safe. They are trying to have a work van converted from Germany which is the cheapest way to go. They will add the windows & the seats to it. This van will also be used with their church and picking up missionaries form the airport.

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