Friday, February 11, 2011

Skipping Hair at Vorzel today...

I made contact with our Pastor friend and his we are meeting today here at my apartment..Just finished straightening up and getting some food ready..I am a little tired though from not sleeping well...I finally decided I have 3 locks..they really can't get it because one is a bolt from inside...So I went to bed with my scissors and hair spray ...Hair spray makes great mace! Always felt pretty safe at the beauty shops with our hair sprays and Hot curling irons...LOL

I will be getting together with Sasha & Olya this month a few times..they will be taking me to Vorzel on Wednesday so I won't have to take the metro and bus that day...a nice break from walking too...You do a lot of walking here in the city...I don't realize how much I don't walk until I get here...out of shape ! After about a week or two it is amazing how my stamina improves...also my breathing..Must have something to do with my activity induced asthma...second hand smoke and hair increased my allergies since I was young.

I may try to buy a cheap camera today since I can't down load my pictures from my phone until I am home, so I will post those pictures later on.

Have a pretty busy schedule ...Today is GOTCHA DAY! for the weekend! Natasha & I will bring Marco here, but not before McDonalds! So I'd like to have a picture of this day having McDonald's for the first time...He is a good this I mean healthy eater.. The whole country is that way because they don't use preservatives in the foods and make everything from scratch.. so it is a pleasure eating here...May have something to do with my food allergies getting better while here too. Cutting out some junky additives and white flour. Even the McDonald's here has a dark bread bun for one of the I will be trying that one today...It is for a limited time only..LOL Had to just add that!

When we get back to the apartment..Marco can take a hot bath and then I will cut his hair!! Long time over due.....The just realx make dinner he can watch the TV and go on the computer..we will be skyping home for a long time this weekend..

Tomorrow we will head out to the Water Museum here in Kiev...then the Botanical Gardens...Not sure about Sunday...but 1 plan is to see Pastor Sasha & his family sometime in that day and then return Marco to the orphanage for school the next day.

Monday is back to Vorzel!!! Lots of hairdoos to do...Then to visit Marco on my way back to the city..
Tuesday Back to Vorzel...back to Marco....then my friends for dinner...
Wednesday Vorzel again with my friends..back to Marco...back to the city!
Thursday Vorzel andd back to Marco....This will make his 10 th day of the waiting The next day is the REAL GOTCHA DAY!!
Saturday we will have a farewell party for Marco with his class mates. There are 17 of them...I will buy a cake & some juice...and we carried over lots of candy that I 've been collecting for the orphanage since Christmas...Great bargains I got..10 cents and 25 cents...


  1. JoAnn,

    I'm loving following your journey!!! In baby house #2, the doctor, Tatiana has been well updated on Oksana. If you see Ira or Luda (Ira was the favorite caregiver of the special needs kids and Luda worked on Sunday, our gotcha day, so you might not see her) would you make sure they have been updated on her progress. She always speaks so fondly of them when we talk about the orphanage! I know they were very good to her and we love them for that and want them to know of our appreciation for them.


  2. Do you know what all of the weird McDonald's sauces are there? I was always curious about them, I think half of them were some kind of mayonnaise mixture. Yick. I am glad that you are OK! It was probably just someone looking for an opportunity to steal something because those apartments are unoccupied a lot. Ivan misses Natasha, he talks about her all of the time. I am not sure who she is, he is very happy that she got to see his pictures, thank you JoAnn!