Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Day today..

We started off nice & early and headed out to the notaries and US Embassy. Ruben had to do his part of the paper work and I did part of mine too! Our officer there was from America and very nice..We met another family who adopted a 14 year old girl and they were from State College PA...
We were in and out of there pretty quick...so we then got the bus to the metro to head out of the city to see Marco. He was just about getting out of his classes. If he has 6 classes in a day he is done by 1 :45. So he asked if I would please come earlier tomorrow so he can get out of German class! Children are the same all over the world..amazes me..so I will be there about 11 am...He is going to fit right in...it just feels so comfortable having him around. He looks like my biological children all mixed together.
We met a lot of kids from his school today. Some with families and some without. I met a little girl sucking her thumb peaking at me and smiling..Oh was she cute and so sweet I just wanted to hug her and mother her. There were some more girls in the craft class. We were on our way out so I will find out more tomorrow which ones were orphans and which ones have families. Some children live in this orphanage and have families that can't take care of them. Some children also now come just to go to school. I also got to see a woman who lives in the basement of the orphanage. She was also an orphan in this same place. So since she is not able to work or be alone they allow her to live in the basement and she cleans all around the orphanage and school. I gave her a stuffed dog yesterday and she was so so happy and hugging it. I will get her picture tomorrow.

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