Monday, February 7, 2011

Heading Out!

We are heading out now to meet Natasha and have Ruben do his part of the U>S> Embassy paper work. This paperwork is to clasify Marco as an immediate relative...

Then we are off to pick up Marco! I have his new clothes and he already had his new sneakers on yesterday. Everything should fit..Last trip I brought size 12 and it was a little small..So I have 14/16 and his coat is even one size bigger so it can fit with his (hoodie)sweatshirt. It is so amazing to me how different the children are in the orphanage. They really have nothing...and have not seen much either. Very wholesome and sweet. Looking forward to coming back to Kiev and taking him to McDonalds at 4 pm to meet with the Malone Family.

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  1. I am so so excited today!! what a glorious day!! FYI, Ruben and Marco are practically twins, I'm not kidding-those two good looking men where meant to be father and son, I just can't believe, it looks like he fell right off the apple tree. What an awesome day. Have fun at McD's, hope his tummy takes it well, I am sure he will be excited.
    Thanks for the update.