Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold in Kiev...

Hoping I don't get is very cold here tonight & tomorrow even colder..13 degrees and tomorrow night it will be 1 degree..Woo Hoo..My face was hurting this morning when we headed out to the store..

Tomorrow will be brisk walking to the metro. Then waiting for the bus...Going to try to finish up Baby House #1 hair doos so I can move down to # 5 for 2 days and then finish off in #2..It will be nice to see the Head doctor there..we have been in contact over the winter.

Right down the street from me is a church up on a hill...I see the red Cross nuns walking to it and I see a vacant lot in front if it...There is at least one man living there in this cold...This morning I saw him and once before when my husband was here, standing up sleeping..There is also a dog house/wooden box with a chained dog there..I think maybe another person or two are living in the other corner..I don't know how they can survive this cold..each time I go to the store I check, I will leave them our clothes...Ruben went back with nothing. He can have whatever grivnas I have left..I think I heard there is some kind on controversy about this lot and wanting to buid on it and people are staying there to picket..

Picking up some items tomorrow on my way home for The Folio family Tricky Tray coming up..That is if I am home !! You never know with adoption what will happen...I sure plan on being home by then...Hi Lariss!

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